Favourite herb:

Stinging Nettle -Urtica dioica

Nettle is a very old remedy for painful rheumatic joints, flogging the affected parts with nettle. (The treatment is less brutal today)

Nettle is often prescribed internally as a diuretic and helping to ease rheumatic and arthritic conditions and the leaves are strongly anti-inflammatory.

A nettle infusion is a good tonic, it stimulates the

appetite, provides iron and fights fatigue.

Externally nettle is used for acne, eczema, greasy

skin and dandruff.


New arrival:

Legenda soaps

Our new product is a wide range of goats milk soaps from a small manufacturer.

They use fresh goats milk for the soaps which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Moisturise and nourish sensitive skin, helps to improve a number of skin condition such as eczema and itching.

You can select the following scents: natural, shea. lavender, nettle, lilac, lemon balm, cinnamon

and calendula.




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